Value Added Solutions

The Crown Creative facility was opened in Burnaby in April of 1995 as the Structural and Graphic division servicing Crown Packaging’s corrugated and industrial client base.
We pooled the most talented designers from our Western Canadian operations and brought together a network of artists and designers whose skills, training and enthusiasm leverage our success with innovative ideas in packaging design. Designs that we create to contain, protect, display and market our customer’s products.

Crown Creative Graphic Services

Our In-house graphic designers are masters in the art of creating and assembling visual components to craft compelling designs for our packaging products. Their efforts combined with our operational expertise produce a printed package tailored to reach out and convey the very essence of our customers’ product or service. We have a team that will develop your graphics from concept through finished product, ready for delivery to the retailers and consumers.

Crown Creative Structural Services

Our experienced structural design team approaches product development with the keen intent that the packaging accurately adapts to the needs of our customers and fulfills the role required of that product. To supply this technically sound packaging, the designer must consider all aspects of required attributes in terms of rigidity, weight, load strength and temperature tolerances. The team ensures that the newly designed package efficiently follows the designated workflow within the Client’s operations and is optimally palletized for secure and effective transportation.

Crown Creative Technical Services

Crown Creative is able to assist you in branding your Company and its’ products from logo development and corporate identity to award winning graphics on your packaged products. Our structural team is available to review your packaging and recommend performance and cost opportunities, provide accurate structural samples and prototypes, TOPS drawings to ensure freight and warehouse maximization and provide technical expertise with packaging and automatic case formers.